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Shanghai RaPid Consulting Group (RaPid) is senior service provider in the field .......

Our Strength

Powerful database integration resources, regional information channels throughout mainland......

  • Market Research

    One foreign-invested bank in Shanghai intends to up the software and hardware service level of the outlets. RaPid was entrusted to make assessments and tests to the key outlets in the region in order to improve the service level and the satisfaction.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    In recent years, Japan's weddings held decreased in the number and size and it is expected that the Japanese market will face a very harsh situation. On the contrary, China's wedding market is in bright condition. In order to enter the Chinese market, it is necessary to know Chinese wedding market information.

  • Risk Management

    A few years ago, a Japanese brand of necklace (containing peptide element) was very popular among Chinese young people. Almost everyone wore this kind of necklace. Because it contains peptide element, it can alleviate neck pain and other symptoms, and it had beautiful design as well. It became a best-seller in China. At the same time, counterfeiters also began to make and sale counterfeit necklaces.


  • Market Research

    We focus on understanding your business needs and issues, and we are good at gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market, an industry or service. We have expertise in helping clients solve their business problems and make right business decision.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    It is pretty important to grasp the information of the competitors when entering a new market or has entered the market. Just like the famous saying from Sun Zi “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles ”, when you understand your competitors, we would understand yourself pretty well, which are same important.

  • Risk Management

    RaPid utilizes advanced technologies to help leading companies worldwide optimize their risks and evaluate their exposure to natural, man-made and operational risk for the protection of proprietary information and reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Financial Services

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